Planning Portal Annual Conference 2021
15-18 November 2021
Planning Portal Annual Conference 2021
Stephen Croney
Head of Sector - Land & Property, Esri UK

About me


Stephen leads on Planning, Land and Property for Government at Esri UK, across both central and local government customers.  Prior to working at Esri, Stephen worked at a number of London Boroughs as a Geospatial systems and Data lead, gaining a great deal of insight into the value that GIS and geospatial data adds, in providing understanding and evidence to support policy and decision making.

Stephen is a passionate evangelist of the value of a geographic approach to planning, land and property.  At a time when we face a challenge with housing supply and competing demands for development and sustainability, new approaches are needed.   Stephen’s vision is that Geospatial will play a central role in improving the planning process for all, to reduce inefficiencies, foster inclusion, promoting civic pride to create better, more sustainable places for tomorrow.

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